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Escape to the extraordinary with our luxurious eco cabins, nestled in secluded and remote settings. Allow yourself the opportunity to unwind and reconnect with nature again.

Our Brand Pillars


Striving to maintain, conserve and protect the land we partner with. Working towards limiting our carbon footprint and nurturing our environment.

Considered Design

Creating carefully considered, expertly designed spaces that pay homage to the land and natural surroundings.

Partnership Creation

Partnering with landowners in and around Southern Africa, uplifting local communities and individuals through eco-tourism.

Our Story

Our story begins with three friends who shared a passion for travel and a desire to discover new places.  We set out to create a new hospitality model, partnering with private land owners to gain access to never-before-experienced locations. There is no better way to experience new places, breathtaking views and untouched nature than by escaping to secluded havens. 


Travelling far and wide, we’ve searched for sanctuaries to match our design vision. Locations where the views are panoramic and skies clear.  Free of city noise, smog and car horns. Where you can immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the comforts of our thoughtfully designed spaces. We can guarantee that your stay will be nothing short of unique.

130SophieCabin1 (2)_edited.jpg

Our Vision

We see a world where everyone respects, celebrates and experiences the land. A world where we can offer access to beautiful places whilst paying homage to the land and giving back to it. When we talk about respect, it is about admiring, looking after and contributing towards our environment. We live in an age where global warming is real and we need to play our part in minimising our carbon footprint. By celebrating, we mean acknowledging and enjoying our beautiful country. And finally, by experiencing we mean giving people access to private land and activities within our locations.

Our Purpose

 Our purpose at Stay Unique is to create opportunity and access. Not only do we want to provide guests with exceptional experiences, we also want to provide new opportunities for landowners and communities to generate income. Our purpose is twofold. Giving guests access to these places whilst at the same time giving back to both communities and the land through upskilling initiatives and ecological enrichment. 


Book Your Escape

Everyone needs a break. Relax, reset and recharge at one of our StayUnique locations.

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