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We’re building a collection of eco-cabins in South Africa. We can’t do this without partnering with landowners who have one-of-a-kind locations. Your Stay Unique journey could start today.

How We Partner

 Our business model utilises unused space on your land whilst creating an additional revenue stream for you. In working with Stay Unique, we build the cabin and you supply the site, it’s the perfect partnership.

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Our Partership Model

Our Unique Model

We build relationships through our  partnership model. Our goal is to enter into long-term agreements with like-minded people who own pristine land across Southern Africa and want to earn additional revenue.

Partnership Benefits

Our business is modelled on a revenue-share structure with our partners, finding a perfect balance between the capital and operations supplied by Stay Unique and the land and basic services provided by the land owner. 

Community Focussed

Our partnerships not only better the landowner, but also increase Eco and Agri-tourism. Through this process, we are empowering and generating income for the land owner, local businesses and the communities. 


Getting Started

This isn’t your average sales pitch. Working with us is simple, efficient and profitable. With our three step process, we’ve made partnerships easy.


Get In Touch

If you have land that isn't being utilised for private or agricultural means, we'd like to hear from you. If you feel your land offers spectacular views, natural beauty and multiple activities for guests to enjoy, there could be an opportunity for us to partner. For more information, simply enquire below.


Site Visit

Once you’ve submitted an enquiry, our team will provide you with more information and arrange a site visit to meet you in person and assess the location. If your location fits Stay Unique's criteria, the next step is to review and discuss the legal processes and contract and any additional infrastructure that may be required. 


Launch Eco-Cabin

 Once both parties are in agreement and want to take the next step, we will enter into a partnership agreement that protects and outlines each stakeholder's responsibilities. Upon the finalisation of terms and conditions, Stay Unique will commission the building of multiple cabins and we could be up and running in as little as three months. 

Meet the Team

Meet the team behind StayUnique.Three friends who became partners with a common dream; to create a new eco cabin movement. 

Enquire To Partner

We want to hear from you. If you are looking for new opportunities and additional revenue streams for your farm or private land, reach out to us. 

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Get In Touch

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