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Relax, Reset & Recharge 

We Get It...

Everyone needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A place to reset and relax. Where the only noises you can hear are the sounds of nature. Our luxury eco-cabins are positioned in secluded locations, creating the perfect escape for you to recharge. 

Stay Unique partners with private landowners to give you access to some of South Africa’s most beautiful and undisturbed areas that were previously inaccessible. Our eco-cabins are carefully considered and expertly designed to pay homage to the land. Each location has a curated selection of activities and experiences unique to its surroundings.

Experience Nature

Tracks and Trails

Nature Baths

Indigenous Flora & Fauna

Experience Farm Life

Off the Grid Living

Our Eco Cabins

What Our Guests Say

“Spark your romance with this unique and gorgeous stay. Absolutely AMAZING!!! Bathing in the sunset, hiking from our cabin, and playing chess on the hammock with the sound of the birds in the background. Loved it!”


Book Your Escape

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic, book worm or you just want to laze around and enjoy the outdoors with loved ones. We have an escape for you.

Become a Partner

We’re constantly on the lookout for partners and landowners who want to become a part of our eco-movement. Our business model utilises unused space on your land whilst creating an additional revenue stream for you. In working with Stay Unique, we build the cabin and you supply the site, it’s the perfect partnership.

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